Indentation and Nanoindentation

New Project: Poroelastic nanoindentation of bone and hydrogels

Nanoindenters were designed for characterization of stiff, hard and dry materials. We’re not going to let that stop us–ongoing work uses nanoindentation to map out properties of wet bones and soft hydrogels. Emphasis is on advanced material models, such as poroelasticity, for deconvolution of material properties.

New Project: Indentation for Cancer Diagnosis

Doctors like to “indent” their patients to look for stiff tissue regions, which are indicative of pathological processes such as fibrosis and cancerous tumors. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between fibrosis and fibrillation when a stiff region is identified, and this may be important in better diagnosis of cancer. We are just starting a new project to examine the potential for instrumented indentation in differential diagnosis ex vivo.

Viscoelastic Nanoindentation of Polymers

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