Yin Chang


Poroelasticity of hydrogels at micro- and nano-scale with applications to biomechanics and soft Matter

Yin works on computational and experimental methods to understand the fundamental physics of poroelastic properties of hydrogels from the nano-scale to the micro-scale. Through the understanding of the mechanics, Yin’s work can be extended to research on structural and mechanical behaviour in both synthetic and biological systems. Hydrogels are composed of networked polymeric materials with large quantities of water. The high biocompatibility of hydrogels makes them promising candidates for tissue engineering. They are also used in understanding the basic science of the interactions between biological and synthetic materials. However, the improvement of mechanical properties of hydrogels is one of the most important challenges to making hydrogels applicable materials in biomedical sciences. Therefore, through understanding the mechanical behaviour of hydrogels, Yin’s work not only focuses on constructing a method to understand the complicated mechanical responses of hydrogels, but also to help construct mechanically robust hydrogel materials.

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