Burak Caliskan


Mechanics of Mineralised Materials

The way that nature synthesize multifunctional materials are fascinating yet abstruse even with state-of-the-art techniques. The strategy of nature for designing hierarchical structures is to merge organic molecules with inorganic ones under genetic control to come up with exquisite materials with remarkable features. Interestingly, the formation mechanisms of mesoscale biomaterials remain unknown, even though they lie between nano and macro scale materials both of which have well-established theories. Biominerals provide excellent examples of mesoscale structures among which avian eggshells are truly attractive. They present challenging mechanical properties along with paradoxical structures offered for the growth of an embryo.  Eggshells are the most rapidly forming minerals in nature yet the rate of these extracellular overnight factories still elusive for engineers equipped with cutting-edge technology. My Ph.D. project aims making a contribution to unveil the strategy of nature synthesizing energy-efficient materials at ambient conditions with non-toxic compounds. I am trying to shed some light onto the minimal requirements for bioinspired candidate pathways to dress a balance between impalpable natural wonders and humble man-made counterparts.


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